Monday, March 30, 2009

MIX09 - a great conference for Web Dev, Graphic Design and User Experience(UX)

Just recently got back from MIX09 conference at The Venetian in Las Vegas. This is a great conference for web developers, graphic designers and user experience engineers and those who aspire to be one. Although it's Microsoft-centric for the most part, there are sessions for everyone and they have posted all of the sessions online so that everyone can see them!

My favorite sessions:

There was also a nice workshop about design for web developers. Unfortunately, it's not on the web for viewing.

Failed to map the path '/' when running page

I tried to run a specific admin web page on a project and immediately got back this error, apparently while the app was looking for a Configuration Setting or something. Poked around for a while trying to fix the problem and ran across another blog post about running Visual Studio as Administrator. Tried doing that and everything worked as expected afterwards.

Was running Vista not joined to a domain.

Monday, March 23, 2009

ASP.NET ListView Cancelling Problem

I recently changed some GridViews over to ListViews in order to better handle the UI elements when inserting and editing items. On hitting the Cancel button, I received the following error:

Cancel can only be called from the currently-edited record or an insert item.

I finally found out that the problem was running the following code in the ItemCommand:

lvScopeNote.InsertItemPosition = InsertItemPosition.None
lvScopeNote.EditIndex = -1

Moving those commands to the ItemCanceling event caused the operation to work correctly.