Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Tech Podcasts I Listen To

These days I get a lot of tech information by listening to a variety of podcasts. I figured I'd share the ongoing list of things I like to listen to:
  • .Net Rocks - Richard and Carl really like to do it right. Good guests, good topics!
  • Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman is not only funny, he's great with the tech topics and not just the Microsoft stack.
  • Herding Code - These four guys bring a lot of insight about programming in a variety of technologies.
  • Runas Radio - Listening about server tech is a nice way to keep up with the IT Pro side of the world.
  • Talking Shop Down Under - Richard Banks brings the touch of Aussie to Microsoft Tech.
  • Community Megaphone Podcast - Dane Morgridge and G. Andrew Duthie talk to people around my area about their contributions in technology.
  • The Official jQuery Podcast - Each episode brings good information about what is going on with the most popular JavaScript framework around.
  • This Developer's Life - Rob Conery brings a little bit of This American Life to the developer world.
  • Connected Show Developer Podcast - 2 .NET guys that also talk about a lot of new .NET technology.
  • coderpath - This one gets more into Rails, which I'm interested in learning.
Whew, what a list. Amazing that I have time to listen to all these episodes!

In addition, I have an OPML list of blogs I follow. You can import it into your favorite RSS reader.

I also maintain a list in Twitter of influencers I like to follow.

Hope this helps you in your programming journey!

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